4 september 2018 – “Artificial Intelligence or insanity?” interview with Luca Bolognini

“What is the right balance between man and technology?”


“In this case, the pursuit of balance is a dynamic exercise, a constant search, a bit like the one that pushes us to reach the ideal weight. There is no solution that can suit everyone: each will try to weigh risks and opportunities, will transfer data and “parts of themselves” to the extent that they believe they can and will become more possessive when they think that the game is not worth the risk. It’s a sort of ‘accepted imperfection’. One of the most positive new elements introduced by the GDPR, for example, lies in this constant search for effective safeguarding of the rights of people to be implemented through measures adequate to the risk, which are constantly evolving and subject to constant evaluation”.


This is just one of the many questions Luca Bolognini answered during the interview for Ingenium (the engineering and tech economy magazine on digital transformation). Of technology and in particular of Artificial Intelligence, the lawyer who is one of the leading European experts on privacy and data law, president of the Italian Institute for Data Privacy and Data Enhancement and founding partner of ICT Legal Consulting, spoke about it exhaustively in his latest book “Artificial Insanity”.



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